Black Friday

I've always heard of Black Friday and the craziness involved so I decided that this year I would have to see it for myself.

My Christmas shopping is finished and I didn't need anything, but curiosity got the best of me.
So at 4:40 am my alarm went off and I dragged myself out of bed. It was a cultural experience that I didn't want to miss, so off I went to Target.

I arrived five minutes after the store had opened and all the shopping carts were gone, the parking lot was full and the line to the electronics department was halfway down the store.

I saw a man with three huge screen TV's in his cart.

One lady had three large boxes stacked on top of each other and was nudging them through the store with her foot. Bless her heart, they moved an inch at a time. She's probably still there. No shopping carts, remember.

I saw women talking to other women on the cel phones. "I'm in aisle three getting the Barbie Hair Dressing thingie. How many did you want? Two or Five?"

I grabbed Candyland because I had to buy something on Black Friday, but by the time I wandered up to the cash register the line was quite extensive, so I put it back.

As I was walking out of the store I overhead a woman tell a man that she had been in line since 3:30 am.

In New England on a rainy day when it's 44 degrees outside.

(If you ever hear of me doing such a thing, please call the loony bin and let them know I've escaped.)

All in all, I went to one store for thirty minutes and bought nothing.

I am glad I went, I'm glad I saw what the craziness is like. Walking through Target with long lines and huge amounts of people I realized that shopping on Black Friday is actually quite similar to grocery shopping in Asuncion, Paraguay.

I'm just glad I don't have to get up at five in the morning to do that every week.

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm very thankful that my daughter dresses herself in a creative manner. Flowered dress, striped stockings, and black patent leather shoes.
Why not?
And tomorrow I hope you eat lots of pie.
Why not?
Happy Thanksgiving.

The Lord's Day

My Sunday involved:

  • Getting dressed for church in a hotel room while Little Einsteins blared on the TV.
  • Eating breakfast (blueberry muffin and hot chocolate) in the car.
  • Seeing old friends from college at church
  • Watching Brian carry in a casket after church (a church member passed away last Thursday and the funeral was today.)
  • Climbing over the backseat of the car looking for dental floss while driving on the highway.
  • Chaning five horribly stinky diapers at several different locations.
  • Arriving at new church smelling like mini-van. (and like horribly stinky diapers.)
  • Watching my two year old throw up all over the dinner table of the family we are staying with tonight.

You just never know what a Sunday will hold.

How was your Lord's Day?


I've learned that apples in New Hampshire taste really good. Especially if you pick them yourself.

I've learned that when everything seems different, new, strange, and out of control the best thing I can do is smile and be a Mommy. If I make it through a day without rolling my eyes at my kids, I've had a good day.

I've learned that with your third pregnancy you show really, really soon. Like, at six weeks. Yikes. And now, almost six months pregnant I am very obviously with child.

Seriously, my belly is huge.

(Pictures coming soon, I just have to decide where I want to have them taken. A field? A construcion site? By an old barn? Any thoughts...?)

I've learned that the United States of America is a very beautiful country, everywhere I look I'm surrounded by pretty things. It can be overwhelming at times and I have to say I miss searching for beauty through my camera lense.

I've learned that Brian's extended family is great and have really enjoyed getting to know his cousins/aunts/uncles more.

I've learned that Thanksgiving is the best time of year to watch Food Network. It sends me running to the kitchen searching for something, anything, seasoned with sage, thyme and butter.

I've been reminded once again of the wonderful support team we have back here in the US. So many people are praying for us and it's good to know we're not alone.

The things I'm learning have been very pleasant.

Except for one thing...

Last night, I learned there is a mouse that roams my kitchen counters.

I don't like that at all.