No words. Just trying to catch up.

Clearwater Beach,
You are beautiful.

Taste of home

New Hampshire is nice.



there are not many Latinos.

And I will admit, it makes me feel out of place when I look like everyone else around me.

I need the rich colors of South America, the soft lilting sound of Spanish, and, believe it or not, the poverty.

I miss cobblestone roads, cows on the streets, and fresh cow's milk delivered to my door twice a week.

With me feeling a little down about not being home (and by home I mean anywhere south of Florida) Super Hero Husband set out to find me some Harina Pan for my favorite comfort food.


He is successful and brings home two bags, white Mexican cheese, and ham.

I make the dough, pat it into that familiar round shape, drop them in hot oil and finish them off in the oven.

I spread way too much butter inside, sprinkle cheese on and stuff with ham.

I close my eyes and take a bit.

First, a crunch.

Then, the soft gooey inside.

I'm home.

Right now...

Right now I'm watching Emeril on Food Network and he's making me (the baby?) hungry.

Must be time for chocolate.

My girls are playing with the neighbors, a family of 12 children all well behaved and enjoyable to be around. Their mom is my hero.

I'm 12 weeks pregnant, first tri is over. Can I get a huzzah?

I went for a walk this morning in the cool, crisp fall air. Is summer over? All 12 days of it? Really?

And because I cant post without a picture that cutie up there is my niece, Katelyn, who will be turning 1 very soon.

My camera isn't making me sick anymore though my skills are rusty.

What are you doing right now?