and then we went to the park

It was early on our day off. Only 8:30 or so, and yet the children were bouncing around the room with loads of energy.
While sitting in front of my computer catching up on my favorite blogs sounded perfect to me, the girls didn't agree.
So, we packed them up, strapped them in the car, and went to the park.

The weather was perfect, the park was empty, Lexi was content to stay on the quilt while Daddy played Angry Birds. (Anyone else love that app?)

I went off to catch some sun flare.

We walked around that beautiful morning collecting pine cones, reading the Guarani names of trees, and taking big, deep breaths of fresh cool air.

Then it was off to Grandma and Grandpas house with a brown sack full of chewy Chinese donuts.

Perfect. And much better than reading blogs all morning.

From the backyard

The photo above by Elena. I love it.

Small, red bugs on my basil. I'm moving, the basil is not. The bugs can keep it.

Attack of the cute baby

She wants to get her sticky little fingers on my camera.

No way, Jose.

Don't worry...we're still here.

After a few days without internet, and several days of "I'm in a bad mood so I better not blog" days, we are back.

We do have a lot of little happy things to report such as the recent arrival of Fall-ish weather, construction beginning on the house, trips to the park, a fresh crop of lemons leading to many pitchers of lemonade, a whole lot of banana bread baking, and making countdown paper chains. 40 days and counting till we move out of our apartment!

Elena is learning how to read, Abbie found one dog she is not scared of, and Lexi took her first steps.

See? Lots of little happy things!

Stay tuned!

My first little film

A few of my favorite things!