Today my Lexi Joy is two days old. My how time flies!
Today we worked on getting her birth certificate, the nurses at St. Petersburg Hospital were very friendly but weren't quite sure what to do with us.
Today my sister in law is making me empanadas and that makes me happy.
Today Lexi smells just like a newborn baby and I like to squish her cheeks.
Today Elena and Abbie played dress up with Baby Lexi. Over and over again.
Today we weighed Lexi...8 1/2 pounds?? Seriously? My babies just keep getting bigger and bigger!
Today I remembered what those horrible contractions felt like and I decided to think about something else.
Today I'm really glad I married a Good Man who watches the girls while Lexi and sleep.
(We didn't sleep all night, we both just ate and ate.)

Today was great.

Alexandra Joy McCobb

You're Just Mine

The birth is going to be soon.
I can feel it.
Whether soon is tomorrow or 6 weeks from now, I don't know. But soon nonetheless.
I can feel myself drawing inside, getting more quiet, more serious and more peaceful.
I spend a lot of time thinking about labor...the process where Baby stops being just mine and I have to share.
I do get uncomfortable, and no, I can't sleep well, but it's special when the baby kicks and I'm the only one who knows it.
Soon, and very soon, Baby will be here. Baby will be loved, held, kissed, cherished and swooned over by me and everyone else. That will be wonderful, but a small part of me will miss this time...the quiet, brooding, pensive before the birth time, where Baby is safe, warm and quiet inside of me.
The You're Just Mine (for now) Time.

Baby is on it's way.

It's true. I am expecting. I know I told you that, but seems some people don't believe it until they see the famous "belly picture."

So there you have it. My belly (34 1/2 weeks in the making) and a cup of Panera Bread coffee. Decaf in the afternoon...of course.

I'm running out of clothes that fit, I can barely roll over in bed, I'm constantly hungry and tired, so obviously, it wont be much longer now before McCobb Baby #3 makes his/her arrival.

We're so happy to be in snow expected here. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and I'm feeling more human again. There are Latin people everywhere I turn and I couldn't be happier. It almost feels like home.