Feet and Food

This stage in my life I find that there is always feet by my food. Not my feet. My childrens feet.
Husband can sit down and eat peacefully, but when I sit down to eat, it seems there is a parade around my plate.
Oh, the joys of motherhood!


Ever been in the bathroom, minding your own business and think to yourself, "Man. This is boring. I wish I didn't have to be all alone in here."


Me neither.

Elena, however, prefers company while visiting the Oval Office.

{Winnie the Pooh and Barney make great bathroom companions.}

I like shoes...and Polariod.

I love high heels.

But I hate wearing them.

I cant stand to have pain in my feet! Must wear Crocs! All. The. Time.

I'm just not one of those girls willing to sacrifice comfort for beauty.

And you?

Photos on Flickr!



This wedding?

It had a beautiful bride! yeah!


(insert scary music)


Here is a list of his deeds.

  • He made the bride (and the photographer, ahem.) run errands while he was with all the guests.
  • He "changed his mind" about taking pictures before the ceremony, no posing of the bride and groom till nightfall. (Meaning I had to use flash. Gross.)
  • He changed the words to the vows as he was saying them. On purpose.
  • He wanted to change the location of the ceremony (as in move everything to the other side of the park) an HOUR before the ceremony was supposed to start.
  • He made her sing a song, she did not know, during the ceremony. It was awkward.
  • Did I mention I had to turn on my flash for The Kiss due to the sun going down? (Okay, so that's not his fault, but I have to blame someone right?)

Anyhoo...the pictures are not what I had planned, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to night photography...but you can see some of the pictures at my Flickr.

Getting Ready

2 Busy 2 Blog.


Very busy.

Editing photos.

Lots of photos.

Be back soon!

Lace. Ribbons. And Beads. Oh My!

There is a bride in my house today.
So. Much. Fun.

Toilet Paper is boooring.

Sometimes when I'm lacking inspiration I take my camera and walk around my house looking for anything to photograph. I even take pictures in my bathroom. It did not inspire me this day.

However, on Sunday there will be a bride in my house and I'm sure I will be plenty inspired by that! ;)

Have a great weekend!

Flower Girl?

This weekend Elena is the flower girl for a wedding. I thought she could wear the cute white dress with red rosebuds. She thinks she should wear her pink tu-tu.

I'm not sure butterfly wings are what the bride had in mind. I will be busy that day taking pictures, so Daddy is the one who gets to dress her for the ceremony.

I wonder what she will end up wearing??

(I already talked to the bride and asked her what Plan B was, because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that as soon as The Fripits sees all the people looking at her...it's all over.)

Going Bananas.

I just found these growing in my back yard.

I see many loaves of banana bread in our near future.


"Set the table" Placemats

We made these placemats in hopes that it would help Elena learn how to set the table. Very easy using these templates, I cut them out with different colored scrapbook paper (cardstock would work too.) Then I glued them on and laminated the whole thing to make them last longer.

It worked! I no longer have to set the table, Elena does it all by herself and we end up with all the right utensils instead of three knifes a piece for a bowl of soup. :)

Scenes from my weekend

:: Abbie helping me photograph some potatoe salad::

::Creamy Oatmeal topped with brown sugar for a quick Sunday morning breakfast::

:: Stained baby clothes being made into a really soft quilt for my family::

Those were some highlights of my weekend, Monday included wich is our day off. A big downer was finding out about my friends new challenge, which I know she will handle with strength and grace. Please pray for her.
This week is a busy one with a wedding to photograph, a bridal shower to host, and there is the fact that my children still need fed, bathed, clothed, etc. This week will fly by, and I'm sure there will be pictures. :)


After bedtime, no matter what the condition the house is in, I head to my room and pull out all my scrapbooking supplies.
And I play.
It feels good to record memories, and right now I'm trying to catch up so I can fill many, many, many more books with my new pictures. Photography is taking over my life and I want a place to showcase it.
I usually scrapbook on the floor (horrible on my back, but it will have to do for now) while I watch a movie, chat with Brian, or listen to a podcast.
What do you do at night to unwind?

Bye Bye Summer!

Summer is fading...Fall is quickly approaching.
I'm giddy with excitement.
Anybody else feel like this?

TGI Fridays!

There's a new restaraunt in town and we're excited about it.

They have ribs, potaote skins, mozarella sticks, and free refills. (Refills!!)

We all went on Tuesday (which was my birthday! 24 years old!)

My husband is thrilled, THRILLED! about this new place. He just loves it.

The Fripits was fine till they started singing me their version of the Happy Brithday song. I didn't catch all the words but one part was "cha-cha-cha." (Which kind of made me nervous too.)

We plan on going back another day, without children. I think the food will taste even better if we can use two hands to eat it with.

(Plus, they have a dessert there called Oreo Delight...and I NEED to go see what makes it so delightful.)

We believe that girls can be pirates. We just think they should be cute pirates.

So, what would you name this pirate?

Magazine Mobiles

We recently used some colored cardstock and pictures from a magazine to make a bright mobile for our play room.
I cut out large, medium and small circles from all the papers, and them layered them on top of each other with a glue stick.

We were really happy with the result, and I like how it brightened our play area.

Depending on the age of your Littles you might want to have the circles cut out ahead of time, that part of the process bored my girls, they only liked the gluing. :)

Easiest Cookies Ever. Period.

I had seen this recipe floating around the internet for a while but I seriously doubted it would work. Only three ingredients? No flour? I had visions of batter running all over the pan and spilling in the oven.

However, one night, with a house full of hungry teenagers and very little in the pantry, I gave it a shot.

And it works! They tasted great! They didn't look so great, because the girls helped "smoosh" them with a fork and got a little carried away, but the teens didn't notice. :)


1 cup of peanut butter
1 cup of sugar
1 egg

Roll into balls, flatten with fork and place in oven.

Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

(For Paraguay: Paraguayan peanut butter works too! Just make sure its the natural flavor with no sugar or salt added.)

Late Night Ice Cream Party

After a long day, the girls were having a hard time falling asleep. They were so tired, but so would up. Usually, we just ignore them till they fall asleep.
But not this time.
This time Daddy got them out of bed way past their bedtime:

And fed them ice cream.

Notice Abbie's dazed look. She defintly needs sleep.

Fripits? Fripits LOVES staying up late.
And loves eating ice cream.
Notice her Just Got Out of Bed tousled hair. It's the new look.

I think the girls fell deeper in love with their Daddy after the late night snack.

Self Portrait Saturday

Solving The Worlds Problems: One cup of coffee at a time!

For Brenda.

(Please ignore the white spots on my couch. The girls smeared pizza dough all over it while I wasn't looking. Pretend you don't see it. Okay?)


Every night before bed we tell Jesus what we are thankful for.

Last night's list was especially cute.

Elena is thankful for cows, Dora pajamas, ants to play with, singing, and peanut butter cookies.

Abbie is thankful for Mommy, Daddy, Elena, herself, and the new puppy dog nightlight.

Just thought you would like to know that.


Only for the brave.

Sometimes when I'm feeling especially brave, I let my daughters "cook" anything they want, within reason, of course.
This is a messy activity and not for the faint of heart. Just a warning.

Today's meal consisted of:

A slice of bread
Squirts of mustard
Dry macaroni
And pieces of Maria cookies.

Mix together with wooden spoon and enjoy!


I'm obviously feeling homesick for the most beautiful country in the world.

Pabellon is always on my menu when I'm homesick.

I make it from memory, but here is a recipe if you're interested in trying some of the best food this world has to offer.


Works of Art

Art by Fripits: "Popsicle Sticks Glued on Paper."

Art by Abster: "Paint Smeared on Body."

Red Sauce

Have I mentioned that Husband makes a great Red Sauce?
It is used for our pizzas, lasagnas, or spaghetti.
He also makes it in big batches so that I can freeze it and use it all month long.

Yet another reason that he makes me swoon.

I love him lots. (Have I mentioned that already?)

(I would give you the recipe but there isn't one. He just throws stuff in till it tastes good.)

(And it always tastes good.)