Scenes from my weekend

:: Abbie helping me photograph some potatoe salad::

::Creamy Oatmeal topped with brown sugar for a quick Sunday morning breakfast::

:: Stained baby clothes being made into a really soft quilt for my family::

Those were some highlights of my weekend, Monday included wich is our day off. A big downer was finding out about my friends new challenge, which I know she will handle with strength and grace. Please pray for her.
This week is a busy one with a wedding to photograph, a bridal shower to host, and there is the fact that my children still need fed, bathed, clothed, etc. This week will fly by, and I'm sure there will be pictures. :)


M.J. said...

Jackie, I am doing the same thing with my baby clothes!! i am making a quilt from them as I love them way to much to give them away!!!!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see that quilt!

I'm in the midst of planning a bridal shower too! (for Grace)

Robyn said...

Are you making it?