Red Sauce

Have I mentioned that Husband makes a great Red Sauce?
It is used for our pizzas, lasagnas, or spaghetti.
He also makes it in big batches so that I can freeze it and use it all month long.

Yet another reason that he makes me swoon.

I love him lots. (Have I mentioned that already?)

(I would give you the recipe but there isn't one. He just throws stuff in till it tastes good.)

(And it always tastes good.)


Brenda said...

I've tried the sauce and its delicious!

Rina said...

grrr! thats what my mom does and it drives me insane because I HAVE TO MEASURE EVERYTHING! IT HAS TO BE PERFECT!! lol

Kimberly said...

Just poppin by the say, "Hello" I check everyday to see what's up and your pictures... I love them!