Photos on Flickr!



This wedding?

It had a beautiful bride! yeah!


(insert scary music)


Here is a list of his deeds.

  • He made the bride (and the photographer, ahem.) run errands while he was with all the guests.
  • He "changed his mind" about taking pictures before the ceremony, no posing of the bride and groom till nightfall. (Meaning I had to use flash. Gross.)
  • He changed the words to the vows as he was saying them. On purpose.
  • He wanted to change the location of the ceremony (as in move everything to the other side of the park) an HOUR before the ceremony was supposed to start.
  • He made her sing a song, she did not know, during the ceremony. It was awkward.
  • Did I mention I had to turn on my flash for The Kiss due to the sun going down? (Okay, so that's not his fault, but I have to blame someone right?)

Anyhoo...the pictures are not what I had planned, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to night photography...but you can see some of the pictures at my Flickr.


Kathy said...

The cake and flowers were gorgeous (and your pics are great!)! Let's hope the groom doesn't turn into a husband-zilla!

Unknown said...

Oh my! Lack of etiquette would you say? Maybe he learned a thing or two. Did they have a wedding planner? She/He would have dealt with all that and coached him before hand I think. I bet you hung in there like the trooper you are! Next time, you'll be more experienced and ready, thanks to Groomzilla! Hey that could be a new show on the tube! sort of to combat "Bridezillas" What cha' think?

Unknown said...

Ijust viewed your photos on FLIKR and thought they were great. I really loved the photo of the preacher's hand holding the Bible and ceremony books! Neat idea!