What I did yesterday


Went out for lunch.
Drove by our land.
Took a long nap.
Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.
Cool weather.
Play date for girls.
No school.
Two grocery stores.
Ate salad for dinner.
Ate muffins for dessert.
Saw my dad.
Saw my sister.
Chatted with my aunt.
Chatted with my other sister.

Went to bed.

How was your day?


Kathy said...

Is that all you did??!! :) I've been sick, so I'm just resting and trying to recuperate! Enjoy these busy days with your busy sweethearts!!!

Unknown said...

I see chubby Abbie hands and Jayde. My heart longs to hug them all!
what did I do today? paperwork, blogged, facebooked,ordered pizza! but YESTERDAY I helped clean carptets!