Big Messes

It's my favorite age...eight months. They crawl, they sit up, they "talk", they play, they eat finger foods, they use sippie cups, life gets a teensy bit easier and a whole lot messier.

But when your baby is this beautiful...messes are ok.


Sneaky girl, as if I don't notice the spilled cereal all over the table and floor.



I just want to eat her up, every single day. Isn't motherhood grand?



Betty W said...

She is a sweetie! Good thing we don´t have rugs in our houses, right?

Christine said...

What a cutie! I love my little 8 month old too! :) It is a super fun age!

Kathy said...

I love that age too! Those pictures are priceless!!! Super hugs from me to her!!

Unknown said...

wel it's the cutest mess I ever did see! I loe the face she is making in the shot of her turned around, about the fourth one down.