Blankie time

A wise mother of many once shared this idea. She has a lot of children. Maybe you have heard of her? The idea is that you train your children to sit in a designated are, we use a blankie, give them a few toys and they have to stay there till you let them get up. The "Abster" HATED this at first (as you can see in the picture) but has now gotten used to the idea. She can sit on blankie time quite happily for 10-15 minutes playing with her toys. Which gives me plenty of time to do things that require my full attention. Like chopping food with a sharp knife, or taking a short break on the couch. *Ahem*
I love blankie time, and Abster is accepting it as a part of life. *Smile*


Anonymous said...

Are you desirous of a VERY LARGE family like her???

Even having 5, people think that is HUGE!! AND YES I DID WANT MORE!!! The Lord decided our quiver was full for now!!

NEW BLOG, great info....thanks for sharing!!

Amanda said...

Good old did she say to start this? As soon as I put my 7 month old on a blanket, she is off. :o)

Unknown said...

I love Michelle Duggar!! The babies look so cute in these photos and I'm lovin' your new blog! Nice simple look!

momto9 said...

mine hate blankie time....though they do play on it sometimes for a long period of time (15-20 min which ic long:):) but if they sniff out they have to stay out!!!!