Day 81 and shopping habits


I think I paid all of $1.25 for both of these necklaces. That is because I love thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets. Brian thinks my idea of fun shopping is gross. "You mean I have to sort through junk to find something?" he asks. "Yes! Like looking for treasure!" I answer.
He just finds a place to sit and waits for me to be done.

I like to look, browse, preferably alone, for hours. I may buy lots of things or nothing at all. The lower the price the better. I grab anything that looks interesting put it in my cart and walk around the whole store. Once I've seen everything, I go through my whole cart (and yes, I do look like a homeless person at this point) and put things back on random shelves where they don't belong. I even do this in places like Target. For some reason, I feel guilty and hide the item behind other items in a completely different part of the store. I'm too lazy to walk all the way back to where it belongs I guess.

How and where do you shop?

(One more thing, there aren't many thrift stores in Paraguay and it's one of the things I miss the most about the United States.)


MaMa Vaughn said...

I think I'm gonna enjoy your "82" project. You made me smile. I love thrift shopping too! Love it! And I too place things where they don't belong, hubby gets on me all the time for that. :] hehe.

Anonymous said...

I don't do thrift shops often, I too think it is Gross. I love Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. I don't place things where they don't belong, I ask my hubby to and he does the deed for me :)

Brenda said...

Garage sales are great places for bargains as well. And its fun to walk around the neighborhoods.

R Lennon said...

I love doing that stuff too...and my hubby just shakes his head and looks the other way. :)

R Lennon said...

I love this kind of shopping too. My poor hubby just looks the other way and shakes his head! :)