Shes got it goin' on.

This is what happens when Abbie dresses herself.
(So, basically, it happens every day.)
She is wearing:
Hello Kitty hat
Her baby sisters (size 18 months) shirt
Pink silky pj pants with glitter stars
Purple and pink flip flops

Abbie is a nice daughter to have around, especially on those rainy days where you need some sunshine. I think you all know why.


Kathy said...

What a blessing your kids are to you and your hubby (and everyone else who knows and loves you!)! It's fun to watch them growing! Have a nice (and great) day with them!

Humble wife said...

She reminds me of the homes in Mexico. She is bright, festive and of course able to make decisions based on how her mind thinks. Makes me think that she is quite a creative little one!