Grandpas Playground

My father-in-law is an accountant with his own office. An office full of toys, snacks, and movies. My girls think "going to work" is something akin to "going to Disney World."

Elena told one of her little friends at church that she had spent the whole afternoon at Grampy's office. Her friend says, "That doesn't sound like fun at all."

Elena's eyes lit up and she exclaimed, "It is!! There are toys and snacks and other little kids (her cousins) and even movies!"

No all her friends want to go to Grandpas office.

Most people don't enjoy a trip to the accountant's office, but my girls think its the most fun in the world.


Rita Loca said...

That is precious! I am so happy my grand daughters have such a cool grand pa!

Betty W said...

Your FIL must love having his grandkids there too! That is so great, that he provides the toys for them!

R Lennon said...

I'm sure gramps doesn't mind going to work either with those gorgeous babies to play with.

Brenda said...

You're back! Whats with the jackets in the summer time? You must be in New Hampshire or something ;)

What wonderful memories for the girls, and they are adorable as ever.

Kathy said...

Adorable! I'm sure Grampy is just as pleased with the situation as the kids are! :)

Unknown said...

That is a precious blessing! It reminds me of my mom with my boys in days gone by, always prepared with fun stuff on trips, in her car, at her office. Don't let these memories of a caring grandpa escape you or your girls Jackie.