Creative Expression

This "project" will buy your HOURS of entertainment. It's easy to do. Start by getting ready for church, then blink your eyes shut for a milisecond. When you open your eyes again your three year old will have opened every single tube of lipstick you own and smeared them on her face. And we all know how easy and quick it is to clean lipstick off before church don't we?
(By the way, if you have to chase said toddler through the house with a washcloth, while wearing your high heels, you should get 1000 Mommy Points dont'cha think?)
(No idea what Mommy Points are, or what they would be good for, but it sounds fun.)
Anyway, the way I see it, you can spend hours planning cutesy crafts and activities for your kids....or you could blink and see what they come up with on their own. Their choice won't always be a clean one though.


Brenda said...

Rebecca used to EAT my lipstick on Sunday mornings. I had to stop buying it for a little while

Pastor Erik DiVietro said...

I don't mean to laugh, but...


Liz said...

I don't know.. but I think I was the most perfect daughter!! Never ever did this!!!

Anonymous said...

Such creativity!!

I would love to see the video!!
Must have been hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

but she is soooo photogenic !
and beautiful. love nannie