When in doubt...build a fort.

1 foam mattress

1 large quilt

1 kitchen table

1 princess outfit (complete with plastic high heels)

2 small children


30 minutes of fun

The girls and I both enjoyed the fort we built in the kitchen. We played peek-a-boo, pretended we were sleeping, pretended to come in for a visit, and even had a tea party.

It's not an original idea, but it's tried and true. :-)


Unknown said...

EWW she's so adorable! I remember making houses and forts out of blankets when I was a "wittle" girl! You're such a good mommy Jackie.

M.J. said...

This fort idea works great for Daddies too!!! Scotty and Mikayla play "army" for hours in their blanket forts!!! :O)