Simple Woman's Daybook

(Because everyone is doing it...)

In the Kitchen: Homemade chicken stock bubbling in the crock pot, a pile of dirty lunch dishes calling my name.

I am thankful for: new flowers on my front porch

I am wearing: my croc flip-flops. Always.

I am sewing: question please.

I am hearing: Fripits scrape the bottom of her bowl as she finishes up her chocolate chip ice cream. Great summer time snack.

I am reading: The Redemption of Sarah Cain by Beverly Lewis

I just saw: A scrape on my little girls knee.

I am looking forward to: A cook out at my mom's house tonight.

I am thinking: That I need to start my bread machine.

I am remembering: Those dishes that I need to wash....


Betty said...

I need one of those bread machines. But then I would probably eat too much bread... :)
Nice post!
Say hey to your mom. And have fun at her place tonight! My daughter Michelle is home as well and we are enjoying each other´s company.

Pastor Erik DiVietro said...

Erik's answers:

In the Kitchen: is a dangerous place - lots of fire and cookies

I am thankful for: cookies

I am wearing: cookies...well, not intentionally but they wound up there

I am sewing: the world is coming to the end if I'm sewing

I am hearing: Nichole telling me to wipe those cookie crumbs off my shirt and get back to sewing...don't I know the WORLD IS COMING TO AN END?

I am reading: The nutrition facts on the package of cookies...Is there any actual ingredients in these things?

I just saw: My life flash before my eyes as I go into cardiac arrest from the pseudo-chocolate in these cookies clogging my arteries. My last thought is - I never learned how to sew!

I am looking forward to: defribulation

I am thinking: shouldn't have eaten that last double stuff cool mint oreo!

I am remembering:

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?