a random sort of way.

Air conditioning
Fresh flowers on my kitchen table
Twinkle lights
Nikon cameras
Chocolate chips
Cheddar cheese (imported!!)
My laptop
Hanes socks
Lip gloss that tastes like strawberries
My charm bracelet
Funny home videos of my girls
Family to share the holidays with
A new purse
A shopping trip planned for tomorrow
A freezer full of cooked food
New colorful serving bowls for Christmas
The Cosby show on DVD
Friendly neighbors
Christmas tablecloth

Happy Thanksgiving!


Brenda said...

Love your list. Mine would be similar. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! It's nice to be blessed, eh? May I ask you where you found the cheddar cheese??? We will be in Asuncion in two weeks to visit my husband's family and I would love to get some while I'm there! I've never been able to find it! We always bring Fritos in our carry-ons so I can make Taco Salad, and I'd love to have some cheddar! :) Thanks and again--Happy Thanksgiving!

Jackie said...

The cheddar cheese was at Real Supermercado in the dairy section. Hope you can still find some. :-)

Unknown said...

Love the list!
Oh my don't tell me you do TWITTER too? I almost signed up with it but thankfully thought twice about that! I don't need more things swirling in my empty head space! LOL