Paper plate food

This idea came from Chasing Cheerios as well. I love her blog...such great ideas! I cut out pictures of food from some magazines while the girls were napping, and then they glued them onto paper plates. I let them pick and choose which food they wanted to "eat" and let them at it. Elena loved showing off what she "cooked" and Abbie loved trying to eat it. Literally.


crazy4danes said...

Great idea!

I read your mom's blog today and just had to stop by and say how impressed I was with your response to the rude comment left on your mom's blog.

I have been reading your mom's blogs for some time now and just love to hear of all the great and wonderful things she is doing and love seeing the pictures of you guys from the past and hearing those stories!

What a beautiful family with wonderful "light"!

Leciawp said...

fun idea!

Unknown said...

OOHH! I just want to eat them up! The girls, not the paper food items!