Links, links, and more links.

Apostraphe Abuse - I'm not sure why I find this so funny.

Happy Birthday, Dunk! - I thought this was adorable...and if one of my girls ever has an imaginary friend, we're throwing a party too!

The next "Survivor" series - Way too funny... I've never watched Survivor, but I would definitly make an exception for this one.

Welcome with Love - I will have to scour flea markets, yard sales, and used book stores to find this one. A childrens book about homebirth, which is beautifully illustrated. It's very pricey on Amazon since it is out of print, but oh, I want it. We love homebirthing and this would be a great way to prepare the girls for the next one. (No, I'm not preggo. Yet.)

Looking Good In Pictures - Great tips for portraits!

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Brenda said...

How do you find those things??? I love the apostrophe abuse and the Survival one. You should do a funny link each week.