Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve we had two special guests...all the way from Peru! They are planning on being missionaries here and are on their survey trip. There was food and fun. The perfect holiday components.

Grilling is serious business in our house!

So is taking pictures! Here are our two "invitados" arguing about who took the best shot.

We had steaks, sausages, peaches and pineapple on the grill. Very good.

My living room doubled as an internet cafe while the food was cooking. :-)

My sister snapped so many pictures we were all being blinded by her flash, but as always, she got some great shops. Photography is slowly taking over our lives!


Gecko said...

You have some great photos! Will there be any sibling rivalry, lol.
Thank you for your comment on my site.

Wishing you and your family a very happy 2009. Pam

Brenda said...

I'm so glad you got that camera! We are enjoying all the pics you take!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Looks like a great holiday celebration ...(that fruit looked yummy!!)

Unknown said...

Please tell Brian I love him but especially in that top photo. The laugh is a belly laugh for sure!

Hey your center piece could have been from my house! Looks like something I'd do! Most of my decorations are red and gold anyway! Wish I could see you all.

Now about your comment about the tea cup photo - I knew right away what you were remembering when you used the word APPLES!! You never have to explain that use again! Believe me, it's forever stuck in my head. Only once this year during gift opening did Agustin make a passing remark about mom's "apples". and of course, everyone snickered!