Take it outside

Thanks to an idea from Soule Mama's blog (when I grow up I'm going to take pictures like her) we have been cooking and eating outside. The weather is hot and being cooped up in the kitchen with two small children makes me cooky. Ah! But underneath our mango trees is another matter entirely. It's still hot, but there's more space, there's no table to wipe off, the girls can run around once they are done and we just hose them off. It's working really great so far.

I usually take all the food prep stuff out and we do it all outside. Shred cheese, chop veggies, mix muffins, the girls love this! Thanks Soule Mama!


Brenda said...

I just wish we had nice parks to take our dinners too, that would be a lot more fun.

But we eat outside as often as we can. It just feels different.

Christine said...

I love the idea of "taking it outside". I cannot stand big messes in the house, so this definitely works for me!