Summer Time

It's so hot here.

It's very, very, very hot.

I could go on and on but it would bore you, and unless you've been to Paraguay in the summer you just won't get it.

Here's what I don't do this time of year in Paraguay:


Go for walks.

Wear Christmas sweaters.

Sleep without the AC blasting.

Drink hot liquids, except for coffee because, well, it's NECESSARY.

Here's what I do:

Take (at least) three showers a day.

Drink camel-like amounts of water.

Feed my family fruit, cheese and crackers till about mid-March.

Swim in my parents pool.

Turn the AC on first thing in the morning.

Stay inside. A lot.

Whine. :-)


Anonymous said...

It actually has been in the high 70's this week....

Postcard weather for the northern neighbors!!

So sorry---you may just have to turn the air down to 60 and wear warm jammies and drink hot cocoa for Christmas morn!!

Betty said...

Good list! I whine a lot too! :)

M.J. said...

Whu wears Christmas sweaters anyways!!!!! Ick!!!!

Winter is only a year away my dear sweet Jackie....I am looking at a foor of snow out the window as I type!!