My Dad's Birthday

My Dad recently had a birthday -FORTY SEVEN YEARS OLD! (But you didn't hear it from me!) The girls and I made him a cake which he wrote about on his Facebook. Here's what he wrote, and some pictures (of course!) below.

"When you get older (I am not old, my Dad is old) there are things that bring you happiness that used to seem trite. On my birthday, my oldest daughter, Jackie, said she would bring my birthday cake. She had purchased an imported cake mix at the grocery store along with the prie made Pillbury Cake Iciing. Some of you might think, those of you in the states, "that is not special" Well here it is because it comes only once a year and at over twice the pirce you find in the US. They brought the cake, they, because along with my daughter fixing the cake, my granddaughters also had their hands in the preparation. (LITERALLY) The youngest had decided to massage the icing into the cake with her own two little hands to give it a more refined delicate texture. The cake was beautiful. Jackie had sorta pushed the cake back together before putting in the 47 candles (The cake would have been illegal in California during fire season!!!!) Elena and Abby were so excited to eat the cake with me, they wanted to do the cake first. But they were patient and waited for the firetrucks to leave after we lit the candles and blew them out.
1 Imported Duncan Heinz chocolate cake mix $8.00
1 Imported Pillbury Chocolate Icing $5.00
4 boxes of Birthday candles $5.00
Imagining Abbey's little hands masaging the finished cakePRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the taste EXQISITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for a wonderful Birthday!


Brenda said...

Ahhh, thats so special. . . and so true!

Betty said...

47 candles gives off a lot of smoke! Did the fire alarm go off?? :)
Thanks for the pictures!

Unknown said...

LOL too cute! I'm so happy to see visuals of the great bday cake. I loved the way your dad wrote about in on Facebook!

Anonymous said...

This is so nice! :) I'm glad you let the girls "help" you make the cake! Fun memories for all!

Christie said...

Great cake! We also took advantage of the tubs of icing, which I'd missed terribly. I like the cake mixes here okay, but couldn't get used to dulce-de-leche instead of Duncan Hines. We also wiped out the supply of GRITS!!