We love Skype. It helps us keep in touch with family (when it works).
The girls are getting used to using ear phones, although the Baby only stands there. She gets a little startled when she hears the voice on the other end.
I don't think her Grandmother minds just hearing her breath.

The Fripits, however, likes to sing, tell family about her daily activities or count to 10.

We like Skype.


~Karen_ said...

We have Skype also. We sometimes use it with the webcam (when everything so my parents can see their growing teenage grandchildren!

Brenda said...

Those girls are techys early in life! They will always be creative in ways to keep in touch :)

Rita Loca said...

Should be an advertisement!

Betty said...

That´s great that you are getting them used to it, before you leave for the US,´cause I´m sure their grandma will want to hear them, while your away.... :)

Amanda said...

we love skype now since we have moved away from family...we use it with the webcam, which the girls is so cool!