Our curriculum

Pretty soon, after the holidays most likely, we will being our very casual homeschooling year. The girls are all still very young so I see no need to put a strict regimented schedule on them when most of their learning takes place doing ordinary, daily things.

Since some people have asked, here is the curriculum we will be using for Kindergarten and Preschool.

Simple and easy with lots of reading in between. We have quite a large collection of childrens books (the good stuff, not the fluffy stuff) and we read a lot during our days.

With construction of the house coming up, I wanted to make sure not to overload ourselves with too much stuff. Stress is not something we need to add right now (we have plenty, thank you) especially when the girls are so young.

To finish off this short little post, an interesting read:


Kathy said...

As someone who's taught preschool and Kindergarten for a number of years, let me say, "Right on!" You're definately on the right track and just keep to it! Don't let anyone deter you! Have fun and enjoy! The "Circus" video was precious! The Lord has blessed you and your hubby. Have fun this holiday season and keep making happy childhood memories for your little darlings.