Paperwork and puke...oh my!

Oh my, but yesterday was horrible. Maybe not horrible, but certainly not fun. Paperwork, being thrown up on before 8 A.M., going over house plans again, it was a frustrating sort of day.
Brian came to the rescue with a Twix bar, Chinese take out and movie rental. Is there a situation that can not be remedied by eating Chinese food in bed? I think not.

This morning I woke up to a sky full of gray and drippy clouds. Rain, rain, rain. But when I stepped on the scale I saw that I had reached my goal weight. I think it's going to be a good day!

(As for how I lost the weight, it was about five months of eating Salads three or four times a week, smaller portions, no sugar or white flour, lots of drinking water, and working out at least 20 minutes a day for 6 days a week. Rotate between one day of cardio and then one day of strength.)

I hope your today is better than my yesterday.


Unknown said...

well the salad looks great! Con grats on reaching your goal! I think I've found every lb. you lost!

Brenda said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Its so great to lose weight for yourself and feel like the person you always were. I know what you mean about the paperwork, so stressful!