My Purse and it's contents.

Brenda tagged me for this purse meme....cute!


1) "Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late. No, you cannot go up to your closet and pull out that cute little purse you used back before you had kids. I want to know what you carried today or the last time you left the house."

There's my large yellow purse with lots of pastel colors. I carry it around the most because it's BIG and it can take all my camera equipment with me everywhere. It totally clashed with what I wore today, but whatever. That's how I roll. My camera is a priority.
In my bag:

  • A Nikon D70 with the 55mm lense on
  • A Nikkor 18-55mm zoom lense
  • My wallet (empty)
  • My flipflop key ring with house keys.
  • Two crumpled up lollipop wrappers
  • One small plastic bag with a piece of leftover chipa in it.
  • My celphone in it's cute Croc carrying case.
  • My Blackberry (used for scheduling, appointments, etc.)
  • And, very weird, a piece of "Happy Birthday!!" wrapping paper. (Don't look at me, I have no idea how it got in there.)

2) " I want to know how much it cost:) And this is not to judge. This is for entertainment purposes only. So spill it. And if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, I’d love to hear it."

I think it cost about $8.00 or so. I bought it at HiperSeis, a grocery store here in Paraguay. No cute story, just saw it, and wanted it.

3) "Tag some chicks. And link back to this post so people know why you’re showing everyone your diaper bag/non-diaper bag."

I tag:

Aunt Pam




Brenda said...

Thanks for playing. You have a crock carrying case for your cell phone? I'll have to take a look at those!

M.J. said...


I promise to do this meme tonight when my littles are off to dreamland!!! I really like your purse! Quilted bages are my favorite! However, I have converted to using only a diaper bag during the week, so I am sure my post will be rather interesting!!!

Unknown said...

You have a Blackberry? Wow! I enlarged the photo but couldn't see it. I do LOVE the Croc cell phone case though. I've never seen one before. so cute!
I did this meme back when I was new to blogging but, I'll do it again soon. Thanks for tagging me!

Anonymous said...

I like colorful purses too, and when they (usually) clash with what I'm wearing, my mom is the only one who says anything--at least to my face! :)