Bloggy break


We're all just so sick of being sick. Some icky virus has struck the city...first you spend three days hanging around/in/or near the bathroom...just in case.
Then you get horrible cold symptoms followed by a hacking cough.
We've all had it and now it's the little one's turn. Hopefully only a few more days.
Rumor has it that virus is here because the lake, where all the water comes from, is contaminated. Some say it's being carried in by the wind. (?)

I don't care if little Virus Elves delivered it...I just want it gone.


Heather Wheelock said...

So sorry you guys are sick! We had one like that last month! NO FUN. Takes a long time to get a virus all the way gone when it has to go through every member of the family one by one! We'll be praying for you all to get better soon!

Kathy said...

I'll be praying that you all will be feeling back to normal--and soon!!! Have a good week!!!13