The Hair Chronicles

Elena's hair can be frightening in the mornings. Very scary. It's wild, unruly, full, and so, so, so curly.
I'm one of those bad mothers that brushes her child's hair. A fact that makes Elena's life very hard for those five minutes in the morning. Those minutes where I wrestle, spray, comb, pull, tug and twirl all those lovely locks.

Even though there is much moaning, groaning, and gnashing of teeth (and that's just from me!) it is always well worth the effort.

Her curls are beautiful.
(I just had to post a picture of her hair in the morning because I know she will not allow it when she is a teenager.)


Christine said...

How pretty! My Annie is a mophead and it is certainly a lot to work with. What do you use to get the tangles out?

Amity said...

Oh I just love her hair!! I always say that I hope our next baby is a boy ....just for the fact that I dont want to do another girls hair. My 11 yr old has such unruly hair..wavy thick and just top it off she has a uber sensitive head, so there is always tears shed. My 5 yr olds hair is slightly better but still the super sensitive head.. Fun stuff!!

Brenda said...

She has such beautiful hair! I hope it stays that way for her.

Jackie said...

@Christine, I mix conditioner with water in a spray bottle. I spray her head till it's almost soaking wet then comb it out with a wide tooth comb or brush. Burts Bees has reall nice natural conditioner at Wal-Mart that we loved when in the US.

Unknown said...

Jackie, your posts are so entertaining! Thanks for all these great photos by the way.