Wonky Day


This is what my night time routine is. Dishes.
Doesn't it look lovely?


It's one of those days. I woke up at 5 am to the sound of Lexi wanting to eat. And I did not want to get out of bed. It was raining, drizzly and perfect for staying in bed weather. I also remembered that I didn't have to get the girls ready for school, they were going to stay home today. (I'm way too lazy to send my kids to school every day. I can't wait to get back to homeschooling. Mornings are much more enjoying when we're not rushing out the door.)

I got up anyway, fed her, then Brian took her so I could "sleep in" till the late hour of 7 am.

We went to the beauty salon and I got my hair cut. I don't like going to the salon. I would rather read, organize my socks, or even do the dishes, than sit in a chair, wearing a cape, making polite conversation with a complete stranger.
Due to that one hour interruption in my morning, our whole day was wonky after that.
I collapsed into bed for nap time and slept for two hours. Bliss!
Woke up, had coffee, survived, and now, NOW folks, it's almost bedtime.

Bring it on.


Brenda said...

Coffee does have a way of making a lot of things better. I know what you mean about rushing out of the door in the morning, its way stressful!

Nice of Brian to let you sleep until the late hour of 7 ;)

(I'm going to borrow your word "wonky", I like it)

Kathy said...

So, you went to a new hairdresser!!! Are you happy with the results? I'm afraid to to here and have been cutting my own hair, trimming here and there. Don't know what I'll look like when I finally have the nerve to go! Enjoy sleeping in when you can! One day they'll all be teens and THEN you can sleep in! :)

Unknown said...

Jackie Jo! I never realized that we had the dread of salon etiquette in common!! That is why I go so long without getting my hair done. That is why I loved it when my Teresea came to my home to do my hair!!