The Perfect Day


I found myself day dreaming about what I think would be the perfect day.
It would involve a lot of sleep. I would sleep until I woke up. Until the dark circles under my eyes were gone, until I feel alert, until I want to wake up. I realized yesterday it would be years until I am able to do this and it made me sad. It's selfish and silly to want sleep so bad, but it's true.
After waking up I would have coffee and a fresh organic breakfast. I would then walk on the beach, and read a book all day long while listening to the waves. There would be no one else on the beach, just me.
If I finished my book before the sun set I would hit up some vintage stores, just for fun.

Obviously, I wouldn't want to live like this every day...but one day would be nice.

What would your perfect day look like?


Brenda said...

But Jackie your days ARE perfect right now with 3 beautiful girls and a crazy husband. So much better than a day on the beach with a good book (although you do deserve one of those too on occasion).

I had a perfect day today. Exercise, cooking and my kids over for dinner. Sleeping late was part of that day as well.

marion said...

So many to choose from but heres one ... One example of a Perfect would include - good local seafood, good local wine and good company with good local music in a good restaurant in Southern Spain overlooking the Med. Bliss !!

Unknown said...

Elena is wearing her cousin Josh's sports # - good ol' 22!!
My perfect day would be hugging and kissing on Elena, Abbie, Lexi cheeks! And squealing really loud while doing it!