All about Lexi

She likes to sleep.

She likes to eat.
She has squishy cheeks.
She wears cloth diapers, which are so cute on her, I can't stand it.
She finds her older sisters fascinating.
She thinks Mommy is very nice.
She likes to sleep on Daddy's chest.
She has peach fuzz for hair.
She wears pajamas all the time.
She has chubby eyelids and has a hard time opening her eyes. It's cute.
I would write more, but I'm off to do more important things.
Like stare at my baby.
(Who, by the way, is over a week old. Waaaaaaaaaaah!!!)


Unknown said...

I think with each child you realize how fleeting and precious that newborn time is....enjoy it!

MaMa Vaughn said...

Aw...:D I'm so glad your blogging about her. She is adorable!