Cloth Diapers

Guess who is wearing cloth diapers?

A friend of mine has been very generous in making me so many diaper covers, prefolds, and fitted diapers. I'm having fun learning how to use them, but Brian is still scared of them.

They look stinking cute, they're so soft, and I haven't found much of a difference between the cloth and disposable as far as leaking goes. I guess I do have to change the cloth a little more frequently, but are babies supposed to be in one diaper for more than five hours? I think not.

So far my opinion on cloth diapers is that while it's not quite as convenient as disposable, there is some planning required, I like it better.
Similar to the reason why I make my own bread, not because it's more convenient, but because it just tastes better. While it takes a little more time and preparation the taste and health benefits are worth it.

There's something satisfying to me about prepping the diapers and taking that little bit of extra time to make sure my baby is as comfy cozy as possible.

(Also, I found out that disposables have some sort of chemical in them that turns pee into gel. The health nut in me finds that very creepy.)

I like them, Lexi likes them, it's working for us.

The thousands of dollars I will save over our childrearing years is just a bonus.


Brenda said...

I love cloth daipers, so glad you are using them.