E for effort

I am trying to blog. I finally have ideas, and pictures.
I also have a newborn. And with each newborn I'm always amazed at how time consuming those first few weeks are. The nursing, the diapers, the laundry (Oh! The laundry!!), and did I mention the almost non-stop nursing? Or the laundry?
I'm tired, and busy and happy.
Maybe in a few weeks things will settle down...or maybe not seeing as that we have to move internationally, and then move nationally. And there will still be nursing and laundry.
So, I blog when I can.
Can you believe how cute the cloth diapers are? Ladybugs and daisies on the diapers...I love it! It makes the mundane chore of diapers and laundry a little more pretty and fun.
Till next time...


Unknown said...

I haven't been on blogger in so long, I was pleasantly surprised there is life here and that you have blogged. How did I miss those prior posts? Oh I guess I missed them because I'm never on blogger anymore. I want to start back to blogging too. I've been really lax and I DON'T have a newborn!hehe Love the photos! I wanted to reach through the monitor and grab all your babies!