My 3 Girls

My3Girls, originally uploaded by paraguay4christ.

If Lexi is not sleeping, she's eating. If she's not eating, she' s having her diaper changed. And in the few short minutes that she's awake, fed and changed, she is being held by her two older sisters.

The love her to pieces, and like to go on and on and on about her chubby cheeks, tiny toes and squishy ears.

We think it's fun having three pretty little girls, but Daddy is worried about having three pretty teenagers.


It will be here before we know it.


momto9 said...

they are truly beautiful!

Brenda said...

They are beautiful. Think of how much fun three girls will have together growing up? And all the pretty smells in the house?

I had 2 sisters and our house was fun, except for the occasional hormone induced rages when we threw hairbrushes at each other or locked ourselves in the bathroom.