Food Rules

I just finished reading a new book (on my new Kindle!) called Food Rules. Written by Michael Pollan, who was also involved in the making of Food Inc., a documentary I loved watching.

The book Food Rules is small, a quick read, but full of good advice, or rules, concerning what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, etc.

Some of my favorite rules were:

Rule Number 1 : Eat Food. (Hint: Hot Pockets are not real food.)

Rule Number 7: Avoid food products containing ingredients that a third-grader cannot pronounce.

Rule Number 11: Avoid foods that are advertised on television. (Ever seen a TV ad for fresh broccoli? I haven't)

Rule Number 18: Don't ingest foods made in places where everyone is required to wear a surgical cap.

Rule Number 44: Pay more, eat less.

It was a good read full of common sense and has re-energized me in regards to what I cook for my family. The first few weeks after having a baby are always hectic and now that the dust is (kind of) starting to settle, I'm finding myself back in the kitchen doing what I love. Using my head to think about what I should feed my family, and then using my hands to make it.

One more thing, see that cool glass milk bottle in the picture above? It is filled with organic chocolate milk that we purchased (splurged on) from Whole Foods. My favorite grocery store. In. The. World.

I love that place.


Evelyn Fields said...

I really liked "In Defense of Food" so I'm sure I would like this book too. Those sound like good rules to follow. Melissa

Brenda said...

I'll have to look for that book. I love Whole Food too, we are moving about 1 block from one and I can't wait! Have you ever been to Trader Joes? Not as high class as Whole Foods, but still fun.