Embrace the Camera

This weeks Embrace the Camera is all about my baby girl, Lexi.
We just found out that I am expecting baby 4!
I'm still early on in the pregnancy, not even throwing up yet, so it doesn't quite feel real to me. Once my head is hanging in a toilet I'll "feel" pregnant. :)

Thinking about the arrival of New Baby has me hugging on Current Baby a lot more.
Never have I had a child as attached to me as this little one.
We are, without a doubt, best friends.


How will she handle the change?

We shall see!

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MaMa Vaughn said...

She is a doll baby! :D and congrats, so exciting baby #4 is coming! Happy for you and Brian! :D

Betty W said...

Congratulations to your both Jackie! I´m happy for you and hope you don´t feel too badly.

Mama Bear said...

Congrats on babe #4! Baby number 3 is as cute as a button! Love that chin!!

Kristin said...

Congrats! You are all absolutely beautiful!

emily anderson said...

First of all congrats! Secondly y'all are adorable. Glad you joined us this week!

Laine said...

Congratulations! Ya'll are so pretty! Hope your baby #4 is as awesome as mine. =) I feel about my 2 year old Levi like you do about Lexi. We are buddies. =) He took the change pretty well I think. For the first week he was a bit out of sorts, but after that was a peach.

Jenny K said...

Oh my gosh.....her face is adorable! Congrats on the pregnancy!

Kathy said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news! Have a fun week with your adorable soon-to-be Big Sister and the Bigger Sisters!

Unknown said...

AW Lexi!!! You are amazing! Jackie, you are pretty cute too! :) Love, Aunt Pam