Sunday tantrum and Tim Tebow

Here is Lexi throwing a temper tantrum on Sunday.

Yes, I dress my kids to go to church, but she decided to play with the water bubbler, when told no, she threw a fit and spilled water all over her dress.



She had to sit in the "happy chair" till....happy.

Aaah...that's better! Snotty nose and all!

She ended the service by throwing up everything she had eaten all day, in front of everyone. It cleared the room fast. Sorry folks! Fellowship time is over! The pastors kid just puked in the middle of the small and crowded room. See ya next week!

Then we went home and watched Tim Tebow win and win good.

Yay for MK's! And big double Yay for MK's who love Jesus!

Go Tebow!


Laine said...

That was an awesome win!! So exciting to see someone who loves the Lord!

Lexi is so cute by the way. =)

Unknown said...

cute post! Shane used to alwasy puke after a big cry,,,and if since it's so hot where you are, I can only imagine how overheated her little system must have been!
I like Tim too!