Some messes are not nice, but some look cozy. Like this scene in the girls room. Pink, sunshine-y, and glowy. It makes me happy to see remnants of their creativity and playfullness laying around.

(Most of the time, anyway. Some days it drives me crazy!)


I've been organizing, tidying up, cleaning out and sprucing up the house. I always seem to struggle with finding the balance between home and others. On the one hand, I realize the importance of making my home a haven for my family. I can glorify Christ through welcoming others into my home, helping them enjoy their stay, feeding them,etc. On the other hand, should I really care about hanging pictures on my wall? Should I spend less time inside and more time walking around the neighborhood with my girls finding people to encourage and help? When do you stop one good thing and move on to the other?

It reminds me of how important the Holy Spirit is in a Christian's life. Every day is so different, and my role as wife, mother, missionary can change on an almost daily basis. I'm learning to follow His leading and enjoy the balance only He can give.



Robyn said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but I LOVE that lotion. Anything lemon for me, please! :)