A smelly summer


Summertime means lots of good things like popsicles, ice cream and pool time.
But here in Paraguay where temps easily go over 100 degrees on a daily basis, summer also means stinky.

I fight two battles every summer: Kill All Ants and Keep House from Stinking.

Why does summer smell?

Well, the house is hot. I mean, H.O.T. So every little crumb, every little piece of toilet paper in the trash can, every sweaty child, every dirty diaper (be it cloth or disposable), every wad of dirty clothes, every piece of leftover food in the trash, begins to fester and steam in 97 degree house.

A trash can that is only half full of used paper towels will be ok at bedtime but by morning? It smells like a pig pen.

Here's what I do to help, but the problem is never really solved to Fall weather wisps in sometime in March.

1. Empty every trash can, every night, no matter how empty it is.
2. Flush every toilet many times a day. (My children are unable to flush. I don't know why...but they never do. Annoying.)
4. Take the trash out to the street every night. This makes the front of the house stink, but hey, we spend more time indoors than outdoors.
5. Spray all sweaty children down with water house about three times a day.
6. I had to switch Lexi back to disposable. In order to keep the cloth from stinking I had to wash a load every night, this was using up too much water and for me right now, taking the trash out is easier than doing yet another load of laundry.
7. And speaking of laundry, keep on top of it! That stuff is smelly!!!
8. Light candles all the time.
9. Open windos and turn on every fan.

And once all of the above has been done...


Any other ideas? Please share!


Gecko said...

We live in the tropics in Australia, so we're also having hot humid weather. If we have any food scraps that will smell, we put them in the freezer, well wrapped until rubbish collection day.