New Years Eve around these parts

Isn't my new kitchen artwork beautiful? My friends gifted it to us for Christmas and I couldn't possibly love it more. That constant reminder of Christ's sacrifice for me and the growth that He gives us, placed in my kitchen. The room of the house that gets the most use.


I hope your New Years Eve celebration was a sweet as ours. We kept it simple with all of our littles running around. They did get to stay up late. Ten o'clock. Wow!

I am thankful for:

The look on her face when she sees ice cream being served.


The joy these two have. Their excitement is contagious!

Homemade ice cream cake to ring in the New Year


Because what could be better than ice cream cake?

A Crazy Costume Competition to end the evening? (Lexi decided to wear her Birthday Suit)

How did you spend your New Years Eve?


Rita Loca said...

I loved this post and am sorry I missed it.

J and M said...

Great piccies ! Great Post! Great Family !

Christine said...

It looks like you had a blast! The ice cream cake looks tasty!

Unknown said...

Censored!! I am printing that one out to frame!! I was just thinking today how I need an updated photo with all 3 girls in it! :)