This week in review

What does a week in our life look like?

1. A firework show in our friend's backyard.

2. Brian helped light the fireworks and kept us all alive.

3. Many (many) failed potty attempts. I give up for now.

4. A ladder. On top of my dining room table. To install the ceiling fan. I left the room, because I didn't want to look.

5. A late night snack of peanut butter sandwiches in their bedroom. (Moments like these are what make being a mom awesome.)

How was your week?


Unknown said...

I usually walk away when messy projects are going on in my house too! The girlies look pleased to be havin a snack in their room! I loved the photo of Elena being such a wonderful big sister, sitting by sissy while on the pot! It appeared that Lexi was working really hard!