It's very cold in Paraguay right now, so cold that we're all sleeping in the same bedroom where the lone space heater is. We wear lots of layers, hats, hoodies and thick socks. I'm hardly allowed to leave the house because if I take Lexi out in this weather the Paraguayan ladies chew me out. They don't want her to get sick.

I love winter in Paraguay.


Erik D said...

Well, send it up here! It's been 90+ most days for the past two weeks. I'm melting (which is why I do not serve in a Latin American country).

Rita Loca said...

I think I saw a penguin walk through my house!

Christie said...

We look just like y'all! Ha, ha! This morning, I caught my hoodie on fire at the stove, trying to warm up while I cooked lunch. Oops. The Paraguayans in the house got a good laugh out of my ineptness around gas flames.... ;)