Confession number one

DSC_0132 14-05-25-263

Abbie wearing pajama pants, crocs on the wrong feet, oversized Paraguayan jersey and a one size too small hoodie. At a public park.

My children rarely wear matching clothes. Not even in public. It's pretty low on my priority list. They have beautiful clothes, matching clothes, cute outfits, you name it. They are now at the point where they can dress themselves and I love this. "Go get dressed" I say, they run off and come back clothed. It's awesome. What they choose to wear doesn't really concern me. Is this bad? Should I put more effort into how they look? I don't think so...and I certainly hope not, because I don't see myself caring anytime soon. As long as they are clean, modest, decent, and warm or cool enough, it goes. Sometimes their combinations are pretty cute too. Kind of like Punky Brewster.
I like fashion, I guess. I can tell when someone is tastefully dressed or not. When it's time to get dressy I like classic things (pencil skirts, black dress, etc.) I just don't have a passion for it like some do. I am really glad some people do though, otherwise I would not get to watch What Not To Wear.


Kathy said...

I think Abbie looks adorable and I agree with you about them dressing themselves. When my niece was Abbie's age (now 16--and always looking like a million bucks) she dressed herself quite, well, uniquely! One day, while dressed in something mismatched, my sister went to put a barrette in her hair. She looked up and said, "Mommy! You can't put THAT barrette in my hair. It doesn't match my outfit!"