Trip to Virginia

Our very last trip on furlough was to Virginia for a 5 day missions conference, I forget how old Lexi was...young. She was very young. A newborn, eating all the time, and barely sleeping.
The conference was great, the trip was...easy. As easy as traveling with three little children could possible be. (Which isn't really easy at all.)
It involves:

A lot of carseats. I hate carseats.

Snacks from Starbucks. Starbucks because they have COFFEE and we need COFFEE, and their baked goods have no artificial ingredients. Slightly more expensive than other snack foods, but at least it's real food.

Using free WiFi. I went to YouTube and looked up "vintage Sesame Street." The girls were happy, so was I. I love Sesame Street, they are so funny.


Curlers. Of course my face is not in this picture, I would not show that to the internet. I realize curlers are very retro, but it looks good on me, so...there.


Eating on the floor by the gate. We had burritos from Chipotle in Dulles Airport. And for that reason I have declared Dulles Airport to be my favorite airport of all time.


I'm so glad furlough is over.


Christine said...

I grew up in VA, so this was really fun for me to read! I think it is totally cool that you love curlers. Starbucks=Love!

affectioknit said...

We love flying together as a family...all of it - the airport coffee - the rush of people - the vibro massage's all good - I loved your airport photos!

Betty W said...

I´ve only been to Dulles once, but I agee, it´s a great Airport. My next favorite is Denver.

Unknown said...

such a cute post, yet again! You amaze me, dear niece of mine! I love what Elena is doing with her mouth while watching the video! And those little dresses from Connie look so sweet on both girls!
Missing you more now! thanks! :( But I know you're where you're happiest and in the center of God's will.

Brenda said...

I feel for ya, I'm glad furlough is over for you too. An unsettled life is difficult and even more so with children.

You do look great in curlers! :)