Date Night - Blue Grass Edition

My creation

I have never been to a Bluegrass concert, never purchased a Bluegrass CD, never wanted to go to a Bluegrass concert or shown much interest in hearing the music.


We're in Paraguay, and it's a lovely country that does not offer lots of flashy entertainment. One must seek out new things to do. So when my dad told us about this Bluegrass group that was sent down by the American Embassy and how they would be performing for free at one of the local schools, we were in.

My sister babysat, we went out for Chinese first (I had my first Chinese dumpling...delicious!) and then went to the concert.

It was a lot of fun! We clapped our hands, stomped our feet and even shouted YEEHAW a few times.

Who would have thought that my first Bluegrass concert would be in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay? I'm glad I went, and I'm really glad that I live in a country where the usual thing to do on a Friday night is drink terere with friends, because when the occasional concert/show/circus comes to town it makes it all the more exciting! Too much entertainment is exhausting and expensive, a little bit every now and then is way more special.

{Chinese Dumpling = Yum.}