Happy 4th!


Happy 4th of July!
We celebrated yesterday with watermelon, steak, sausage, cookies, brownies and a soccer game. Such is the life of missionaries/expats. So many countries that we call ours, so many countries we call home. We've been just about everywhere and left a piece of our heart in almost every country. So many places around this globe that I love fiercely, each one different and special in it's own way.
So, when we celebrate sometimes lines get crossed...soccer for the 4th of July? Mexican food for Thanksgiving? Why not? It's how we roll.

Thank you America for being so cool, so free, full of good people and good food.
Pictures of my Costa Rican and Paraguayan daughters celebrating the Independence of the good ol' US of A.


Betty W said...

Happy 4th of July Jackie and family!
Thanks for your comment on my blog Jackie. It was nice to see you around. I hope you are starting to feel "at home" in CDE and look forward to visiting some time.

Christine said...

Happy 4th! I think it is precious that you have three daughters, each born in a different country. Now that is talented!

marion said...

Feliz 4 de Julio?
What is this day y'all celebrate ? =)

Rita Loca said...

Marion,LOL! Dont you have an Independence Day????? Oh wait... I guess not...

Unknown said...

Once again, the photos have me wanting to reach in the monitor and squeeze!
We had our obligatory watermelon and ice cream today too.
I bet the girls are loving all the painting on faces!

Hey why doesn't Marion have an independence day?

Rita Loca said...

Pam, Marion is British!