Date Night - Grilled Pizza


Brian and I long ago gave up on "going out" every week for date night. Three kids, piles of diapers, sleepless nights... it takes a lot of work to get gussied up, find a sitter and head out the door. We do go out on occasions, but it is rare. At Home Date Night seems to work a lot better for us in this stage of our life. Nothing fancy, we put the girls to bed and eat dinner alone. Maybe watch a movie, or just walk around our beautiful yard. We may make an elaborate recipe, or sometimes we just make nachos. Whatever we're in the mood for, but we do it. Date night, once a week, it really is sooooo important and worth every little bit of effort. Even when you're really tired. (And we are. We really, really are.)


Next week I'm thinking about doing something a little more creative. Maybe some cool photoshoot (difficult in the evening hours, but still fun), or maybe some diy artwork for the house. Thankfully, I have a patient husband who does silly things with me just to make me happy.

Do you and yours have an at home date night? Any cool ideas you would like to share?


Brenda said...

I think what you do is a brilliant idea. We used to try to go out and it was so stressful for me and I was always too tired by early evening. Eventually we settled on going out for lunch and that was a lot more fun and relaxing for me. Now our special thing is trying out new coffee shops and Mexican pastries.

Unknown said...

So sweet! Happy you both appreciate the importance spending special time together. It has always been so hard for Agustin and I to have time out alone with his crazy work schedule in the restaurant business. We do enjoy doing big projects together on his days off. I can remember some of our favorite times sanding weed floors for a freind who wanted to sale her mom's house, remodeling rooms at the church, cooking for big crowds/parties, and going to the beach every chance we get.

Christie said...

Our date nights right now, sadly, consist of taking a walk around the block. Now that the girls are older, they don't go to bed as early as they used to, and we tend to have drop-by visitors practically every night. So getting out of the house is just about our only option. It's just a bit COLD for that right now.

I did find a neat blog with some great date ideas, and most of them are at-home dates b/c the writers have small kids. Some of their dates are way too elaborate for what we could conceivably do here, but great for starter ideas, anyway. :)