The girls room

My favorite room in the house right now would have to be the girls room.
Here are the BEFORE pictures:


And here it is now:


The bedding is all from Target when they had different sales going on.
The bookshelf was bought second hand years ago from a little used furniture store in Asuncion. I painted it white, covered the back with different fabric pieces from a sales bin at my favorite fabric store in Luque. We put Wallie chalkboard stickers on the side (although you could just as easily paint a square on with chalkboard paint...or paint the whole thing.)
This is a picture of Jesus drawn by Abbie. Aren't you glad you know what he looks like now?


I keep little pieces of colored chalk on top of the bookshelf for them to draw with.


On the bookshelf is a painting by their Great Grandpa Paul. The books on their shelf are mostly titles that were recommended by the book Honey for a Child's Heart.

I used scrapbook paper that I had on hand to make a garland for the top of their huge window. I glued the triangles onto a piece of ribbon and stapled them to the window frame. No rocket science here.

Lexi's corner is bright and happy too. A quilt I made way back when I was expecting Elena hangs on the wall. Some tissue paper pom-pom's hang over the crib for her enjoyment. I found the Martha Stewart Craft kit for those at a yard sale for a dollar. They are very easy to make yourself with any color tissue paper you want, just Google the instructions and you'll see.

Lexi's pillows were bought at an after Easter sale at Cracker Barrel using gift cards from a church. The beautiful turquoise blanket was hand knit for me by a lovely group of ladies from one of our supporting churches.


I don't keep any toys in the room, I prefer bedrooms to be for reading and sleeping. They seem more soothing to me that way.

The girls love their room, although they wish the walls had been pink. Sorry girls but I'm kind sick of pink. Three girls will do that to you. :)


MaMa Vaughn said...

So glad your back to blog like everyday! :) I check in on you like almost everyday! :) Cute room! Your very creative!

Unknown said...

So pretty and cheerful! Wish I could se it in person!

Unknown said...

Love those little pillows in Lexi's crib!

Hey no wonder the girls are waking up so early! Lots of daylight can come thru that huge window!

Christine said...

Terrific job, Jackie! You are so coordinated!

Christine said...

I love it; you are so coordinated!

Annah said...

That baby is just too cute :)

MARION said...

Great colours - but the picture of Jesus is the BEST !

Anonymous said...

Wasn't sure just how to get the message to you, but wanted to say that we're praying for you this week. You are our missionary of the week here at Independent Baptist Church in Clinton, MD. I linked to your blog (by the way, very cute & creative blogging...helps to have such cute girls!)through Sarah Vaughn.Thanks for sharing the Gospel in Paraguay on our behalf. We hope you all have a great week!

Jackie said...

Anonymous: Thank you so much! We love to hear that people are praying for us, it is always encouraging!

affectioknit said...

Such a lovely room! You did an awesome job decorating it!